Signs Your Child Might Have Asthma

Dr. David Yip and Dr. Dianna Rosenthal are the two highly skilled and popular pediatricians for asthma at Angel Pediatrics in Anthem, AZ.

Our pediatric clinic is a top leader in Anthem in child healthcare. We give loving, personal, child-friendly service to all our children. Our office is a safe sanctuary, providing a fun and caring environment.

Our years of experience and devotion to children are unparalleled. We excel in diagnosis, wellness, prevention, and fitness. We love to educate our parents and children and have plenty of tips to give on staying healthy.

One such subject we get many questions about is asthma, and parents want to know the signs that their child may have asthma.

Signs Your Child Might Have Asthma

Nothing is more frightening for a child or parents than when your child cannot catch a breath or push air into their lungs. For this reason, our doctors at Angel Pediatrics in Anthem, AZ. want every parent to know the signs that their child might have asthma and what they can do.

What is Asthma?

This disease affects the lungs and can rear its ugly head at any age. This can be managed but never goes away and requires medical monitoring and management. It can have minor signs or life-threatening symptoms.

Swelling in the lining of the lungs causes bronchospasms due to tissue inflammation and does not allow sufficient air in or out of the lungs. During this time, the body produces excess mucus in the lungs that clog the airways, making breathing difficult, and the child panics.

Symptoms Your Child May Have Asthma

  • Your child wheezes when breathing.
  • There may be increased coughing, especially at night.
  • Notice the child's chest sinking in deeply on the inspiration of air.
  • A child's lips and nail beds may have a bluish tint versus a healthy pink color.
  • A child's increased difficulty breathing when exercising, around smoke or smokers and second-hand smoke, around dogs or cats, around freshly cut grass, and more.
  • The child has increased wheezing or coughing in colder temperatures.
  • The child complains of chest tightness.

When Your Child Has a Diagnosis of Asthma, Call Angel Pediatrics

If it becomes difficult for your child to breathe, seek emergency medical help immediately. Once your child is stable, please make an appointment with Angel Pediatrics for follow-up care and an asthma management plan.

Dr. Yip and Dr. Rosenthal are skilled pediatricians at Angel Pediatrics in Anthem, AZ, and want to meet with you and your child to help you and your child overcome the fear of asthma. Call (623) 551-0442 today.

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