Why It’s Important To Have a Pediatrician

Anthem, AZ, is Home to Angel Pediatrics

Dr. David Yip and Dr. Dianna Rosenthal head up Angel Pediatrics in Anthem, AZ. Our pediatric doctors are highly skilled and have years of child healthcare experience.A pediatrician has advanced training to care for children from newborn to 18 years. Becoming established with the right pediatric doctor for your child is vital.

Why It's Important To Have A Pediatrician

The primary reason to see our pediatrician at Angel Pediatrics in Anthem, AZ., is to have your child schedule timely visits so the doctor can closely monitor the child's development. As the child grows, their body goes through many changes. We'll also provide reminders about scheduled well checks.

Ensuring your child meets milestones, thrives, and develops without problems is vital. We can give our parents a checklist of essential milestones to look for, which helps us monitor normal development.

Please confer with us if you do not see your child meeting these crucial milestones and present concerns you may have with your child. We can help a child's developmental disability through possible referrals to a specialist for an exam or testing.

We catch possible behaviors and development delays as soon as possible so your child can get help as quickly as possible. We are seeing more children displaying,

  • Autism
  • ADHD
  • Learning Disorders

We also advocate the proper childhood vaccinations when they are due. Without childhood vaccinations, it opens the doors to childhood diseases and their complications. Without vaccinations, these childhood diseases that are rarely seen these days will return, and we do not want this to happen.

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You and your child will be happy with Dr. Yip and Dr. Rosenthal at Angel Pediatrics in Anthem, AZ. We are compassionate and devoted to quality child healthcare. We are sensitive to parents' concerns and embrace teaching parents new and updated medical information.

We want your child protected from illness and advocate for prevention, wellness, fitness, and spot-on diagnosis and treatment. Allow us to celebrate your child's development and life with you. Give us a call today at (623) 551-0442.

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