What Is Autism Spectrum Disorder?

Autism spectrum disorder (ASD), or autism, is typically used to describe a variety of neurodevelopmental conditions that can affect your child's ability to communicate and connect socially with others. Symptoms for autism tend to become apparent early in childhood, and although there is no cure, an early diagnosis is important as it can provide you and your child with the tools they need to succeed in spite of the condition. Learn more about autism treatment and diagnosis by reaching out to you Anthem, AZ, pediatricians, Dr. David Yip, and Dr. Dinna Rosenthal of Angel Pediatrics.

Symptoms of Autism

There are a number of symptoms associated with autism, but these typically fall into two categories, and to be diagnosed with the condition a child will typically show symptoms from both. The categories include problems with social interactions and repetitive behaviors.

Social Signs

Children with autism can have difficulty both expressing their own feelings and recognizing them in others. With age, they can also have trouble speaking, though they may develop a stronger vocabulary with things that interest them. These problems with communication will typically persist into adulthood.

Repetitive Behaviors

Repetitive behaviors and physical movements are also a hallmark of autism and may include repeating words or phrases, rocking, spinning, and others. But these can also be restrictive behaviors such as requiring a certain order for things, becoming upset when these change, and an overreaction to sensory stimulus.

Autism Treatment in Anthem, AZ

Regular visits with your child's pediatrician may be the best way to spot early signs of autism, this can be done through the process of developmental screenings. Your doctor can then recommend a variety of therapies to improve your child's quality of life, such as behavioral therapy, play therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy, and speech therapy.

If you want to become more informed about autism and explore treatment options, you can schedule a consultation with Dr. Yip and Dr. Rosenthal of Angel Pediatrics in Anthem, AZ, by dialing (623) 551-0442.

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