Why Childhood Vaccinations Are So Important

When you have questions about childhood vaccinations in Anthem, AZ, Dr. David Yip, Dr. Dinna Rosenthal, and the pediatric staff at Angel Pediatrics are here for you. Keep reading about how vaccinations help your whole family stay healthy, and contact us today to make an appointment for your child.

What Are Childhood Vaccinations?

Vaccination protects us from sickness and diseases that have potentially deadly complications because it teaches the body how to fight off infections. Vaccines use a weakened or inactive form of a virus to kickstart the body’s natural immune response and build up immunity before you are ever exposed to the disease.

Your pediatrician will follow a schedule published by the CDC of childhood vaccinations that includes vaccines and boosters for:

  • Flu
  • Measles
  • Meningitis
  • Hepatitis B
  • Rotavirus
  • Tetanus
  • Human papillomavirus (HPV vaccines are recommended for children 9 and older)

The schedule of vaccines and boosters goes up until the age of 18, and your children and your whole family should be vaccinated for the flu each year.

Why Are They So Important?

Making sure your whole family is up to date on all recommended childhood vaccinations in Anthem, AZ, is important so you can all stay healthy. Vaccines are so important for newborns because their immune systems are not as strong as an adult immune system, and the immunity they get from the mother fades quickly. Kids are always interacting with other children and none have perfect hygiene habits, so staying up to date on vaccinations helps protect your child from the inevitable exchanging and spreading of germs at school and activities.

When the majority of a population is vaccinated against a disease, you all reduce the risk of spreading the disease together. This is known as 'herd immunity', and helps us as a community protect unvaccinated babies and the immunocompromised.

Any parent worries a little when their child needs to have a shot, but childhood vaccinations are completely safe to receive and protect your child from diseases that can be deadly or cause lifelong complications. If you have any questions about vaccinations, we are happy to discuss how safe and effective they are.

Get Vaccinated Today

When your child is due for any childhood vaccinations in Anthem, AZ, Angel Pediatrics is here for you with talented pediatricians. To make an appointment with Dr. Yip or Dr. Rosenthal, contact us at (623) 551-0442.

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