What To Expect During a Sports Physical for Children

Is your child gearing up to play sports this year? Dr. David Yip and Dr. Dinna Rosenthal at Angel Pediatrics in Anthem, AZ can provide them with a thorough sports physical to ensure their safety for the season. 

What to Expect During a Sports Physical for Children in Anthem, AZ

You likely already take your child in for their annual physical. And if so, you might be wondering why they need a sports physical as well. Annual physicals are designed to check your child’s overall health, which is certainly important. A sports physical focuses on making sure that there are no indications that playing a sport could be dangerous for your child. To do so, a sports physical with Dr. Yip and Dr. Rosenthal at Angel Pediatrics will include the following.

Gathering Information for Medical History

Though there is no concrete way to determine how playing a sport might affect a child, there are many indicators that can give a pediatrician a pretty clear view. Learning about both a child’s medical history and their immediate family’s medical history is a great place to start. Be prepared to provide information on:

  • Any illnesses previously suffered by the child
  • Any current illnesses, including diabetes, asthma, and epilepsy
  • Illness that immediate family members have had or currently have
  • Any past injuries, especially concussions
  • All medications your child takes

Your child’s current activities – or lack thereof – and lifestyle can also play a role in their safety. Don’t be surprised to be asked questions about the following and similar factors:

  • Diet, exercise, and level of physical activity
  • Use of drugs, alcohol, and tobacco
  • Mental health

If at any time you or your child feel uncomfortable with such questions, your pediatrician will be happy to explain why they are important. 

Complete Physical Exam 

The second essential component of a sports physical is the actual exam. Your pediatrician will check the following and more, if necessary: 

  • Weight and height
  • Temperature
  • Heart rate and blood pressure
  • Pulse
  • Heart and lung function
  • Posture
  • Ears, nose, and throat
  • Vision
  • Joint health
  • Strength and flexibility
  • Abdomen area

During this exam, you’ll notice that it’s similar to a yearly physical. It’s important to remember, though, that a sports physical should not replace a wellness exam or vice versa. Each exam is important for different reasons. Additionally, both exams only provide a vision screening, which should not replace a comprehensive eye exam.

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