Understanding Adolescent Medicine

Adolescence is a unique time during a child's life. They're going through rapid changes physically and mentally. As a parent, it's your responsibility to ensure your child's comfort and health during this time. For this reason, at Angel Pediatrics, serving Anthem, AZ, and the nearby region, Dr. David Yip and Dr. Dinna Rosenthal offer adolescent medicine services and stress the importance of it to our parents.


With some kids changing rapidly and others a bit slower, it can be a challenging time for kids. Those who are developing faster feel out of place, while those who are a bit slower feel left out. We can talk to your child about what's normal and any concerns he or she has. If the onset is delayed, we can also run diagnostics to determine why and intervene as necessary. 

We're also here to answer any questions your child has about puberty. We want your child to know if what's going on with his or her body is normal or not. This ensures he or she feels comfortable during this time. 

Acne and Other Unpleasant Parts of Puberty

At our Anthem, AZ, office, we see some kids who are fine with puberty and just going with the flow. Others, not so much because they're suffering from acne or other unpleasant issues associated with hormonal changes. However, we can intervene and help your child manage these unwanted issues.

Eating Disorders and Body Image Problems  

We can help your child see that what's going on with his or her body is normal. We can also assist him or her in developing healthy eating habits to lose weight or maintain a healthy one. 

Angel Pediatrics, serving Anthem, AZ, and the surrounding region, Dr. Yip and Dr. Rosenthal help parents and kids through the adolescent years. We're here to answer questions, monitor your kid's health, and guide him or her. 

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